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At Gentle Grill we offer a completely plant-based vegan menu. Our menu is very universal from healthy options to comfort dishes. Here at Gentle Grill many of the highlights of traditional comfort foods are re-imagined as vegan. We have created a menu full of traditional meat recreations (faux meats), a plethora of non-dairy cheeses, delicious accompanying sauces, and many other items that you’ll have to taste to believe. In addition to our expansive menu, we invite you to come and gaze upon our deli case. It offers many of the menu items, in addition to a few tasty surprises.  We welcome all of you, our friends, to come visit us and try our delicious food.


Our Focus


Eating is something that we do often throughout our day. However, despite its frequency, it is an act that is, by and large, committed routinely and unthinkingly. We often do not take into consideration the wide ranging effects that our choice of food has on animals, our environment, and even our own bodies. It is this trifecta of effects that was the initial inking in the creation of Gentle Grill. At Gentle Grill, we hope to create a dialogue that, with the help of our delicious 100% plant based vegan food, focuses on compassion, social responsibility, sustainability, and health. We, at Gentle Grill, welcome everyone to come and join us in this task of rethinking and reshaping our communities. 

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